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Stereo Grand - I'm Coming Home

Image of Stereo Grand - I'm Coming Home

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Everything started by a chance meeting between two musicians - Jean-Philippe Risse and Rodger Hughes - in Glasgow in 2003. At that time, Jean-Philippe was working on an expat basis in Scotland for several years. As he was looking forward to joining a local band, he placed an advert in a music shop. Rodger answered the advert and they discovered they had lots in common. Since then they have composed non stop, mixing Rodger‘s electro dance background with Jean-Philippe’s folk acoustic one. Together they have taken part in all kind of musical projects and played to a variety of audiences. «Stereo Grand» is a mix of rock culture from both Belgium and Scotland. They are finishing up recording their first album and will officially present this during a showcase in 2010 after having played some gigs on both sides of the Channel.

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